The Team

Jamie Halcro Johnston, Director

Over 10 years of political communications and campaign experience            

Developed campaigns targeting Scottish Parliamentarians, local government and the public. clients across the private, public and voluntary sectors.

After working in London for the Financial Times, Jamie worked as an Advisor and Press Secretary at the Scottish Parliament. Most recently with Holyrood magazine, Jamie has over 10 years of experience of working in the Scottish political arena.

Jamie has planned, launched and developed campaigns across national and local government, including supporting Jamie McGrigor MSP’s Tartan Bill, as well as the Dual the A9 Campaign, which Jamie launched in 2006 with then Scottish Conservative Party Deputy Leader Murdo Fraser MSP.

A keen sportsman, Jamie founded the CLIC Sargent Godfathers charity rugby team in 1998. This year alone the team has raised over £7000 for the charity and won the Edinburgh Rugby Rocks Open title. Jamie also plays hockey (poorly), squash (poorly) and golf (very poorly), and also has an interest in Scottish history.

Jamie Paterson, Director

Over 12 years experience as a press secretary, speech writer and political advisor

Intricate knowledge of the workings of Scotland’s Parliament and local authorities, and experience of supporting engagement with Scotland’s Parliamentarians.

Jamie Paterson has over 14 years experience of running political and issues-based campaigns. He has a detailed understanding of government processes and points of influence in Scotland and the UK as well as the workings of local authorities, the media and pressure groups.

After working abroad and in London and the Highlands, in 1999 Jamie was recruited to work run the new Holyrood office of 2 Highland MSPs Jamie Stone and John Farquhar Munro. His work was heavily orientated towards campaigning on major Highland issues, such as the successful campaign to remove the Skye Bridge tolls and save the Caithness maternity Hospital.

A key part of this work involves building close work relationships with the local and national media.

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